XtreamInternet offers broadband service with no hidden fees, no extra equipment to purchase or extra hassle. When we finish our installation your connection is 100% functional and immediately useable. We will never charge hidden fees, overage charges or cap your data useage. Other companies like to get you hooked with a ‘free or discounted installation’, but do not tell you that you will have to rent a router or antenna or that your account is subject to hidden fees or overage charges, all of which contribute to a higher overall cost for a subpar product. Here at XtreamInternet we strive to be as transparent with our customers as possible, creating an honest and trusting relationship with the best customer service in the Valley. We are committed to providing the best internet experience in the Gunnison Valley.  We specialize in Broadband and better speeds to support any modern use of the Internet. Offering High Speed Internet solutions for Home, Business, Condo, HOA, Events and custom solutions.  See what XtreamInternet can do for you by calling today or click below for more information on XtreamInternet Pricing.


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