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Xtream 50

Reliable speeds for standard users. Supports all broadband activities such as streaming, video conferencing, social media, and gaming.

  • 25 Mbps symmetrical upload & download speeds – guaranteed
  • Unlimited data
  • No hidden fees

  • Low latency
  • Locally owned and operated

Xtream 200

Best suited for multi-device households with consistent, high speed bandwidth needs.

  • 100 Mbps symmetrical upload & download speeds – guaranteed
  • Unlimited data
  • No hidden fees

  • Low latency
  • Locally owned and operated
Xtream speed

Xtream 500

Best option for heavy internet users or businesses on multiple devices, 4K streaming, gaming and VR.

  • 250 Mbps symmetrical upload & download speeds – guaranteed
  • Unlimited data
  • No hidden fees

  • Low latency
  • Locally owned and operated

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Access the power of unlimited high speed, low latency internet



Rely on a resilient, weather tested connection



Symmetrical upload and download speeds for consistency



Experience local support and attention for a personalized internet service

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Thank you for spending the time to dig into this situation and resolve it! This commitment to excellence to customer service is what sets you apart from all of your competitors. Others may say they have great customer service, but you live and demonstrate it!

# Brian P.

XtreamInternet - Great service and quality. I have had nothing but great service from XtreamInternet. What a joy to have a high-speed connection for both downloads and uploads. I highly recommend XtreamInternet.

# Steven C.

We have had such an exceptional experience with XtreamInternet and our service has never been better. We have tried two companies prior to XtreamInternet and we are so thankful to have switched to Xtream. John is easy to work with and we couldn't be more pleased.

# Jessika C.

John and the team at XtreamInternet really came through for me. My house is in a black hole for broadband internet. Comcast/Xfinity never ran a line to my home, and refuse to. CenturyLink won't upgrade their service higher than 3 Mbps. Wireless broadband providers like Rise use towers that my house can't see. XtreamInternet uses a network of antennas to relay to those towers, so I don't need line of sight to them. John was able to work out a solution to my problem, and now I'm downloading and uploading at 50/50 Mbps and only paying a little more than I was with terrible CenturyLink. If you have HD camera feeding into cloud-based storage, the increased upload speed is amazing. When one of their routers failed on me, John delivered a new one to my house the next morning. John is a neighbor and a good businessman and you should look into what he is providing.

# Justin S.

Jay from Kansas did our install. We are happy! Our speed is great, and the price was great, too!

# Donna B.

Thank you to Cara, J, and Andy for the excellent service.

# Chris B.

Very happy with the service. Great install and excellent customer service. Keep up the good work!

# David M.

I wanted to let you know that my husband and I are so happy that we switched over to XtreamInternet. We have not had any issues like we were having with Century Link! I hope people in the Sedalia area start to catch on and switch.

# Meghan W.

Hello! Please pass along to the rest of the team that Adam’s install for me was top notch...professional, and very personable! Thanks again for the great install experience!

# Dustin R.

On a scale of 1 – 10, XtreamInternet scores an 11! How nice it is to have fast, dependable internet and cell phone service near the bottom of the West Plum Creek Valley. The installation was a breeze and we were up and operating. What a relief. Thank you XtreamInternet!”

# Bob B.

I wanted to thank you for your service. I am the owner and President of a title company in Crested Butte, Colorado. Since I started with XtreamInternet, we have had incredible service and never one issue. Please remember, I am always happy to provide a testimonial for your company if you wish.

# Nancy O.

XtreamInternet did an excellent job installing high speed internet services to our residence. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is unhappy with their internet provider. The quality of install was first class and follow through was even better. Our internet speed and reliability has far exceeded our expectations!! We lost power (IREA transformer failure) to our residence and XtreamInternet called to verify everything was ok with the equipment they installed, that is unheard of. Great people!! Top notch company!

# Kevin B.

We signed up 3 months ago and are very happy with this service. They have been great about responding to our calls and working through the few problems we've encountered. Automated Billing, and e-statements are easy to set up, and service has been continuous throughout the unusual winter weather we've all been enjoying.

# Janece K.

Recently, XtreamInternet installed internet service to my cabin in the Gunnison forest. This replaced my old satellite service (which was worse than horrible but the only option until now) with a fast and responsive connection. We are in a remote location and XtreamInternet performed multiple tests to ensure they could deliver before I signed up. I found Andy and all the rest of the team to be knowledgeable, skilled, and thorough in their work. I am more than happy with the internet connection and every interaction I've had with their team. It was a pleasure to engage a company that gives such exceptional customer service. It is good to know if/when I need help, I will be working with a local support tech instead of someone overseas. I wish more companies understood the value of good customer service as XtreamInternet does. These are good people who care and do it right!

# John B.

Great internet and excellent customer service.

# Kerri P.

Reliable service to our rural Castle Rock ranch, consistent ping in the 2-digit spectrum, consistent speeds above 23MBps up & down, no throttling, no cap, no limit to downloads. As customer, I am extremely satisfied and as a member of a community association, will make sure our neighborhood residents can acquire the best internet service in rural Colorado! XtreamInternet is the powerful small business to compare with! **Edit to add: Still consistently the best speeds and data downloads. We have begun saving money due to the expansive amount of content on the internet versus satellite television. We have reduced our subscription package down to the bare minimum saving over $60 monthly. Also, we have ported our phone to a VoIP service which saves another $20 monthly over what we were paying.

# Jon R.

I live in Sedalia Colorado. XtreamInternet installed my system about four months ago and I haven't had any issues. Over the last 10 years I have tried several satellite company's and after a couple weeks they all had very poor performance. XtreamInternet has by far been the best internet I have ever had in a rural area. I will always use this company. Take it from me you will be very happy with their service.

# Ben B.

Both my wife and I work from home over 90% of the time, I work for NASA and she runs her own consulting firm out of our home. We are frequently both on Skype calls simultaneously, often for hours at a time, frequently sharing our screens or viewing online meeting content. Add on top of this my habit of live-streaming business news on my office TV and my wife’s frequent streaming of music through our SONOS system in her office, on a daily basis. We have had zero issues in the several months we’ve been using XtreamInternet service, streaming content, web surfing, live web meetings, all have been smooth and uninterrupted. I often ran internet speed tests in the first couple of months, at different times of the day and night to test our service, they deliver consistently above 20Mbps, frequently bumping right up to 25Mbps, they deliver what they promise and the one time I had to call support, they were very responsive, kept me informed of the technical issue, and resolved the problem swiftly. I highly recommend this service if, like us, you MUST have fast & reliable internet even though you live or work in a remote area. We couldn’t be happier!

# Vince R.

Great internet and excellent customer service.

Kerri P.