XtreamInternet announces enhanced Internet Service

XtreamInternet is starting the New Year with enhancements to its Internet service that are typically only available in metropolitan areas. XtreamInternet has contracted with Denver based Massive Networks to provide residents and businesses in Gunnison County direct connectivity to the rest of the country using all the major fiber providers, such as Level3 and Zayo. This multi-carrier approach insures the highest quality and most reliable internet service. “Our direct connection results in a more responsive, consistent and, most importantly, reliable internet experience,” stated Cara Apsey, Director of Operations.
“We take a proactive approach to customer service and support, constantly monitoring and managing our network so we can deliver the highest performance Internet, which is a different focus than most other providers” explained John Rasure, PhD, Owner and CEO of XtreamInternet. XtreamInternet users have access to better than broadband speeds, low latency, symmetric speed for cloud applications and high quality connections for VoIP phones. Rasure assures, “We are constantly working to give our customers the best internet experience in the Valley.”
The Federal Communications Commission recently reported that 53% of rural Americans lack access to broadband internet service (25 Mbps down / 3 Mbps up). Rasure states, “There has been a great deal of talk about the need for broadband internet in Gunnison County but XtreamInternet is the only provider that has systematically been expanding its broadband network to provide service to underserved communities in Gunnison County”. XtreamInternet provides better than broadband speeds to over 200 square miles of remote Gunnison County including the Ohio Creek Valley, Jacks Cabin, Skyland, Nicholson Lake, Gothic and more.
If you would like more information, or to find out if Xtream is available in your area, call 970-305-5855 or visit www.xtreaminternet.com.

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