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Unparalleled Performance

for your Home or Business

Are you looking for faster internet and less buffering while using your favorite streaming service? Are you tired of trying to get help from your current provider and talking to someone halfway across the world? Are your online games lagging or your current connection keeping you from working at your highest level of productivity? Look no further as XtreamInternet has the solution.
We offer a true broadband connection with outstanding, local customer service. Our service allows you to take full advantage of what the internet has to offer & enjoy your online experience at a no-compromise speed. Our service supports multiple users and devices, unlimited data and real-time video and audio chat.

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Fast, Secure and Reliable

Ditch your satellite or cable provider and stream movies, tv and music with XtreamInternet’s fast and reliable service. Get all your favorite shows directly from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or the streaming service of your choice.

| Direct Connectivity

| Net Neutral

| Complete Privacy

|True Broadband Connection

|Low Latency

Remote Location

Install Experts

We pride ourselves in being able to provide a broadband connection to areas that previously could have only dreamed of receiving such service. We specialize in providing both business and residential service to underserved communities in Colorado. Don’t let the lack of internet access dictate your life. We love the challenge of delivering service that is as good as or better than what you can get in any city.

Frequenty Asked Questions

1Why choose XtreamInternet?
We are a local company dedicated to providing the service and speeds you deserve. We do not put any data caps or upload limits on your service and do not have overage charges. We will continue to support Net Neutrality and will never sell your private information or internet data. We offer secure, low latency connections with symmetrical speeds, ideal for gaming, VOIP phones, streaming and utilizing cloud services. All of these great features are backed by our exceptional customer service.
2What equipment is involved?
You will have an antenna, a wireless router, a cable to connect the two, and a power source. The size of your antenna depends on your location. The wireless router and power source are small and easily hidden. We will place your antenna on the outside of your structure pointing at one of our signal antennas. From there, we will drill a small hole to bring the cable inside to connect to your router. We make sure to close the holes off so there is no outside exposure. We can do custom installations to cater to any needs.
3Is there a long-term contract?
XtreamInternet requires a 6 month contract for residential connections and a 1 year contract for business connections. After that, it is month to month. If your account is cancelled after the contract, there will be a re-activation fee to resume service. Please note, resuming service is based off of network availability and is not guaranteed.
4What devices and services can we use with XtreamInternet?
XtreamInternet gives you the speed to use streaming devices, VOIP phones, video conferencing, remote monitoring, cloud based storage, and more. Also, multiple users can be on at one time without experience the typical slow-down of DSL or other direct wireless ISPs.
5What is the installation fee?
Standard installation varies depending on location. Included is the antenna, standard router, and cable run up to 150ft within a 2 hour period. If installation exceeds 2 hours, it is billed at $100/hr. We do not ask you to pay a monthly rental fee for equipment like many companies. XtreamInternet can develop a custom installation plan to suit any home or business.

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