Frequently asked questions

Find answers here to your most frequently asked questions.
1Why choose XtreamInternet?
We are a local company dedicated to providing the service and speeds you deserve. We do not put any data caps or upload limits on your service and do not have overage charges. We will continue to support Net Neutrality and will never sell your private information or internet data. We offer secure, low latency connections with symmetrical speeds, ideal for gaming, VOIP phones, streaming and utilizing cloud services. All of these great features are backed by our exceptional customer service.
2What equipment is involved?
You will have an antenna, a wireless router, a cable to connect the two, and a power source. The size of your antenna depends on your location. The wireless router and power source are small and easily hidden. We will place your antenna on the outside of your structure pointing at one of our signal antennas. From there, we will drill a small hole to bring the cable inside to connect to your router. We make sure to close the holes off so there is no outside exposure. We can do custom installations to cater to any needs.
3Is there a long-term contract?
XtreamInternet requires a 6 month contract for residential connections and a 1 year contract for business connections. After that, it is month to month. If your account is cancelled after the contract, there will be a re-activation fee to resume service. Please note, resuming service is based off of network availability and is not guaranteed.
4What devices and services can we use with XtreamInternet?
XtreamInternet gives you the speed to use streaming devices, VOIP phones, video conferencing, remote monitoring, cloud based storage, and more. Also, multiple users can be on at one time without experience the typical slow-down of DSL or other direct wireless ISPs.
5What is the installation fee?
Standard installation varies depending on location. Included is the antenna, standard router, and cable run up to 150ft within a 2 hour period. If installation exceeds 2 hours, it is billed at $100/hr. We do not ask you to pay a monthly rental fee for equipment like many companies. XtreamInternet can develop a custom installation plan to suit any home or business.
6Why are wireless speeds slower than wired-in?
Speeds over a wireless connection will almost always be slower than a wired connection. This is due to several factors including differences in equipment, signal attenuation, walls, the number of connected devices, signal interference, equipment location and age as well as other environmental factors. We recommend wiring in any critical devices. We can also develop an enhanced Wi-Fi network that will boost the wireless strength through-out the house.
7Will weather affect our service?
Rain, snow or wind will not affect your service. We do recommend that you keep your antenna free of ice build-up. If snow does slide and hit your antenna, that may affect signal and we will need to come re-align your antenna. We do try to take this into consideration during install and place your antenna in a protected location.
8Do you accept auto pay?
Yes, our online billing system, Bill and Pay, allows you to set up auto pay from a credit card or checking account of your choice. Simply set up your account from the link sent on your invoice and then click the ‘Auto Pay’ tab on the left to set up. If you need to edit your auto pay account info at any time, simply remove Auto Pay and then set up again with the correct information.