Crested Butte South

Crested Butte South POA, Upper Highlands, Riverland, and Club at Crested Butte

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Monthly Pricing


Local Installation - Base Price $99
Includes antenna and mount, installation labor and up to 150ft of cable run.
Remote Installation - Base Price $149
Includes antenna and mount, installation labor and up to 150ft of cable run. The “remote” designation is for locations that are further from our office and require more drive time.
Whole Home Wifi - add $199 to Base installation fee
Designed for small busineses or homes made of typical wood construction with no large, solid barriers such as brick, stone or concrete. Wifi is set up and managed by an XtreamInternet Technician and includes your choice of either our standard High Performance Dual Band Wifi Router with capability of up to 4 hardwired ethernet connections, or our Enterprise Grade Router with 1 Enterprise Grade Dual Band Access Point and hardwired connections on an as-needed basis.
Mesh Home Wifi - add $499 to Base installation fee
Includes 2 WiFi Extenders in addition to the Dual Band High Performance Router. Designed for larger homes, homes built with dense materials such as stone, brick, concrete, homes that have in floor heating or homes with wifi ‘dead-zones’, the extenders provide a boosted WiFi signal in strategic locations throughout the home. These extenders create a Mesh Wifi Network which is ideal for getting more coverage through the home than the Whole Home WiFi option. This solution comes standard with 4 hardwired ethernet connections as well and is set up and managed by an XtreamInternet Technician
Custom Wifi - Please call for price quote
The ultimate wifi solution for large homes, businesses and multi-dwelling units. This installation includes multiple Enterprise Grade Access Points strategically placed throughout your home to offer the most robust dual band wifi coverage available. This solution typically makes use of any pre-existing ethernet cable inside your home and can be customized to fit any home size, floor plan or specific needs. Price varies based on the number of access points installed as well as additional factors such as custom requirements or needs in the home or business. Hardwired connections are also available with this solution on an as needed basis. Wifi is set up and managed by an XtreamInternet Technician. Call for custom price quote
Customer Provided Router
Should you prefer to use a WiFi router that you already own, please notify us prior to installation. It is important to be aware that when using your own router, we will be limited on the level of support that we can provide when compared to using an XtreamInternet WiFi router. Should you choose to use an XtreamInternet WiFi router, we provide support and maintenance for that router and can perform remote troubleshooting in the event that you have any WiFi issues. Choosing to use your own WiFi router prevents us from providing any support related to that router.
Public Static IP
Manage and control your own WiFi network, wireless router, firewall options and security. This option requires that you are familiar with setting up, managing and troubleshooting wifi networks and your own firewalls and security. This solution also requires that you are assigned a Public Static IP Address from Xtream Internet and you are fully responsible for your own internet security and wifi network performance. This solution is ideal for our tech savvy customers and those that need special requirements such as VPN, remote camera access, remote monitoring access, etc. This option does increase your monthly service fee by $10/month and a one-time $50 set up fee applies.
Ooma Home or Business Phone Service - $24.95
Ooma offers superior voice quality and reliability for your home or business, all delivered through XtreamInternet’s high speed internet connection. Enjoy all the desirable features Ooma has to offer, such as voicemail, caller-id, call-waiting, 911 emergency, encrypted calls, free U.S. calling and even keep your current phone number. $24.95/month additional monthly fee, all taxes, fees and surcharges included.

Installation Pricing

XTREAMINTERNET retains ownership of equipment and provides all necessary equipment with no monthly rental fees or hidden charges. If equipment fails due to a warrantable cause, XtreamInternet will repair or replace equipment. Any other damage caused by the purchaser or an “Act of God”, such as lightning, will be charged a fee for repair or replacement. Standard installation includes mounting of outdoor antenna and running cable (up to 150ft) to router provided inside of residence. XtreamInternet can accommodate any requirements or custom solutions a Home, Business or Multi-Dwelling Unit may need, please call to inquire about special requirements or custom installations at 970-305-5855.

Call for pricing on custom installation plans. (970) 305-5855